Short Takes on Long Poems

It seems to be made out of elements we recognise,
but according to what kind of alien technologies? How do we decipher
the rows of strange symbols all over it? 
– Philip Mead

Thursday 29 – Friday March 30. Old Government House. The University of Auckland.

Short Takes on Long Poems is a  Trans Tasman Symposium  hosted by the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre

Participants are invited to add text for our Long Poem on Oneroa beach via the Leave a comment link below.

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3 Responses to Short Takes on Long Poems

  1. Eliza says:

    In conversation twice I forget to say the thing
    words emptying from the frame
    like salt water
    slipping between the rocks from whence it came
    what was I thinking?

  2. Jill Jones says:

    “long poems are longer than short poems”
    “hot and blue”
    “you can sleep in your car”
    “random litter”
    “detour … upending”
    “the diffuse references”
    “into void past sound and sense”
    ‘the weight of it … the weightless”
    “value of pausing”

  3. John Tranter says:

    Some phrases from my “Tasman Sonnet”, written en route to Auckland recently: please cut and edit to suit:

    A, green, the tint of absinthe dripping through a wad of lawn clippings —
    E, chartreuse, colour that only monks can see —


    john Tranter

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